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Who we are ?

We’re Technology Consultants. We provide Technical Guidance to Engineering students and Science graduates in their projects. We also develop custom Laboratory Equipments for Electronics Engineering related streams.

Where we are ?

We are at just click away, contact us with above button. Or Call/WhatsApp us. Feel free to tell us about your query or drop us email, we are ready to help you out.

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How it works?

We study, analyze and process your query. Before committing to your work we assure about its feasibility, time, cost and scope then we will contact you with Best solution.

Our Services

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Academic Project Consultation

Final year Project Guidance and consultation to the students pursuing graduation and post graduation in Electronics and Computer Sciences streams.


Lab Equipments and Training Kits

Customized Laboratory Equipment and Training Platforms to understand the basics of the technology. Domains - Electronics and Embedded Systems


Workshops, Training and Seminars

Short Term Training Programs, Hands-On Training Workshops, Lab setups and Seminars on Latest State-of-the-Art Technologies.

Domains and Technologies

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